Advantages of a virtual coach: the 4Cs

Coachplus is set up to serve you remotely without physically meeting.  This means we can be present for you wherever you are.  There are many advantages to you:

  1. Convenience
    Video or telephone coaching takes place whether you are
    *     at work
    *     at home
    *     in different locations if you are on the move – from office to airport, hotel or car.
    Sessions with international clients may be arranged outside standard (UK) working hours.
  2. Cost-effective
    There are no travel or meeting room costs, so coaching time is dedicated to you.
  3. Concentration
    With fewer distractions than in physical meetings, many clients experience more focused and powerful concentration with a virtual coach.
  4. Confidentiality
    The fact that your coach is not sitting next to you, and has no connection with your workplace or home, may make it easier for you to discuss sensitive issues.

The Coachplus advantage: the 5th C

In addition to remote coaching, Coachplus offers one further advantage:

  1. Customised blend of consulting
    There may be times you need more direct input.  You can ask your coach to draw on their understanding of your situation to provide advice and delivery of specific services.

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