• “My coach was highly professional and motivational, and my ambition and confidence have been stretched as a consequence.  The global logistics project I was working on was highly complex.  My coach immediately understood the dynamics, and with skill and insight devised a programme that enhanced my leadership style which in turn has helped drive success for me and the business.”
    Logistics Programme Director, FMCG
  • “My coach worked with me to support a recent promotion.  I found her approach to be insightful, flexible and challenging.  As a result, we addressed my needs using an approach which best suited my style and circumstances – not a predetermined structured process.  I am very pleased with the process and outcomes achieved.”
    General Manager, Global Business Services
  • “My coach was keen to understand how I preferred to work and regularly asked whether we were on track against our objectives and my expectations.  She was additionally helpful with her own thoughts and advice on what she observed in me.  Overall, I felt that I was guided through my development areas with helpful and clear techniques for me to employ, whilst keeping me on track such that I always felt the time spent was of clear value.”
    Technical Medical Director, Pharma
  • “I found coaching hugely beneficial in addressing issues with self confidence.  My coach helped me to reconsider my limiting beliefs and showed me practical ways to build my confidence.  The success was noticeable not only to myself, but also to colleagues.  Now I feel like a different person.  I still have moments of self-doubt, but know now to address these and move forward.”
    HR Manager, Healthcare
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