Coaching for expats and international assignments

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When moving country, you need to know the local way of doing business. This affects how decisions are made and your work gets done. But how to learn what to do – or not do? What if the local style is at odds with corporate HQ, with you in the middle?

On international assignments, you may be isolated from colleagues you know and trust. Business coaching for expats is the sounding-board you need.

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It doesn’t matter if this is your first international assignment, or you are a seasoned traveller. We customise our approach to your unique situation. That said, we are often asked questions like these:

  • How, in reality, are decisions made and implemented around here?
  • How do I find out what people really think, and the impact this has on performance?
  • How can I overcome resistance, and introduce change that sticks?
  • How can I build a close management team when I am viewed as an outsider?

The Spony Profiling Model can show how your values and behaviours fit with the country you work in, and is great with cross-cultural coaching.

Perhaps you want to focus on strategic or operational goals. Coachplus can provide a blend of business coaching and consulting to support your involvement in any business situation, change or initiative.

Telephone coaching reaches you worldwide

We serve you on a remote basis: with telephone coaching, we can reach you worldwide. If you prefer video coaching to telephone coaching – or want an online consultant – we aim to be flexible. And if you want to meet us – we aim to be flexible to that too.

Click here to arrange a no-obligation telephone consultation.

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