Business coaching in Africa

Africa on the global mapThere is fantastic opportunity for growth in Africa. And the way to do business is changing. From the commercial hubs of Nigeria and Ghana in the West, to Kenya in the East, business coaching helps bridge your experience gap.

Telephone coaching is flexible and focused

You and your company adapt to the pace of change, or you fall behind. Focus on your best prospects, with a smart approach to risk. Telephone coaching helps you grow your business effectively, and is available when you need it.

What can I discuss with a leadership coach?

African BusinessmanWe want to hear what matters to you. However, the following often come up in sessions:

  • Skill and confidence to make or influence decisions
  • Lead strategic and operational change
  • Grow a strong management team
  • Build profitable customer relationships
  • Improve efficiency to satisfy customer demand
  • Develop an innovative work culture
  • Acclimatise quickly to a new work environment (on international placements).

Coachplus can support your involvement in any business situation, change or initiative.

Telephone coaching reaches you worldwide

We serve you on a remote basis: with telephone coaching, we can reach you anywhere in Africa. If you prefer video coaching to telephone coaching – or want an online consultant – we aim to be flexible. And if you want to meet us – we aim to be flexible to that too.

Click here to arrange a no-obligation telephone consultation.

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