A smart approach to business coaching

Coaching lies at the heart of every client relationship, and may be all you ever want from us.  But if coaching is too facilitative for your timeframe – while consultants are full-on or directive – Coachplus may customise a blend of business coaching and consulting for you.

Add a consulting service if needed

This makes Coachplus different.  You can ask your coach to draw on their understanding of your situation for advice and delivery of specific servicesdouble-right-arrow

It involves us stepping beyond the role of traditional coach to help you shape, plan and implement.  More like a traditional consultant or internal resource, and only when agreed with you at key times.  Experience shows that correctly positioned, this extra input helps you get results more quickly, and maintain these results over time.

         Coachplus offers you the best of both worlds

The Traditional Coach

A traditional coach manages the process by which you make decisions, plan your actions and implement. The focus of the coaching relationship is always you: your objectives, perceptions, beliefs, skills and behaviours. Therefore, any actions involving third parties – such as your team or organization – relate directly to you: what you are able and willing to do to bring about change.The coach engages you by asking powerful questions to deepen your awareness of yourself and your operating environment. He may reflect back to you his understanding of what you say, and challenge your assumptions, to increase the clarity of your thinking.

  • You assess your situation
  • You explore your options
  • You reach your own decisions

You do the implementing. The coach partners you on a ‘content-free’ basis, which means he does not input to your thinking. At the extreme, he will not disclose his impression of you or of what you are intending.

The Traditional Consultant

A traditional consultant is an expert you engage to advise on a course of action for the business. He may also use his expertise to undertake a specific business task for you, either using his own resources or in collaboration with you.

  • The consultant assesses your business
  • The consultant explores your options
  • The consultant recommends decisions to you
  • The consultant may undertake a course of action to implement a specific business task for you

Collaborative consultants use facilitation skills to elicit your input – managing the process of enquiry in the same way as a coach.

But whereas the coach focuses primarily on you as a person and considers the business where it affects your goals, the consultant’s focus is primarily on the business task: you are relevant insofar as you and your role impact the task.

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