Case Study: Board Director needed relationship skills to improve company performance

A director was newly promoted to the subsidiary Board.  She had an aggressive style of getting results, with little consideration for others involved.  Yet a success factor for her new position was the ability to engineer strong relationships at all levels to bring about performance improvement.

Through coaching, the client grew to understand the extent of her role in enabling others to perform, and the leadership behaviours this required of her.  360 degree feedback confirmed that she needed to flex her style of communicating and decision-making.  The coach designed an approach to help the client manage situations she typically experienced, which enabled the practice to become instinctive the more she used it.

The coach drew on experience of other companies to guide the client with the politics involved, and to handle key situations and people.  Her biggest challenge was to learn how to influence across the organization’s matrix structure, and drive performance improvement where she had no formal authority.

The coach designed a process for the client to self-assess her communications on an ongoing basis.

The result was that the executive steadily gained credibility, and was instrumental in introducing company-wide measures to achieve performance gains.

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