Case Study: He had to learn team management skills, so that his people could excel as one team

The client was consolidating a team of experts during the upheaval of business restructuring.  Based in different countries, team members had little day-to-day contact with each other and little in the way of shared goals, work practice or ways of communicating.  Personality issues between the leader and some individuals made it difficult for him to manage the team.

With SPM profiling, the coach helped the client build the awareness, skills and confidence to expand his laissez-faire facilitative style into a more directive way of operating.  The SPM also informed him of fundamental differences in National culture that lay at the heart of communications problems he experienced with colleagues from other geographic regions.

To understand the potential strengths and needs of his team, the leader asked the coach to survey team members and their main stakeholders within the business.  This involved the coach agreeing a list of questions with the client, interviewing individuals confidentially by phone, then summarising feedback.  The outcome was four clear recommendations, which the client decided to address in a workshop.

On request, the coach prepared the structure of the workshop.  The coach also advised the leader on defining his vision for the team with reference to survey feedback, to align with the evolving corporate direction.  The workshop was geared towards communicating this future direction to the team and gaining buy-in to their roles in delivering it.

The coach prepared the client to lead the workshop, engage team members and establish new ways of working and accountabilities.

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